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Oh Christmas!! I LOVE you!

December 6, 2013

My favorite time of year is here and I’m so excited! I love fall when it begins to get cold, putting on layers of clothes and drinking hot chocolate! We already decorated the house; the lights, the ornaments, the tree, lighting candles…………it’s all so cozy I just cannot get over it!  My only complaint? Well, it started warming up again, it’s sweater weather, and I don’t like it!  I want it to be cold, and the ground frozen and to be able to wear hats and thick coats with out melting!  I want WINTER!!  Just please don’t let the sun out on Christmas…I will be so disappointed!

It was nice and cold in November and I used the opportunity to take a walk to the park and get some pictures of a couple of hats I knit.  They are Christmas hats and I love them :)

It’s knit in lopi light, held double.  Just a basic hat, some cables, a few short rows worked in the back for  it slouch a bit.  It’s warm and it has a gigantic Poinsettia on top……….in case you missed it!

The flower is also knit in lopi light, but not held double as in the hat itself.  This hat is so over the top that I’m in love with it!

Another one, less extravagant, but also knit in lopi light:

Also a simple construction, single rib and stocking stitch.  I like the pointy tip on top and am tempted to add a little bell to it, it would certainly make it jingle……and who doesn’t want to jingle in December?!  A holly n’ berries knit separately and sewn on, add a little holiday cher!

And the last one, not a hat but a cowl:

Yes, it’s a Christmas present…….wrapped with a ribbon and a name tag……….I thought it was a cute idea:)

This one is knit with Kambgarn, and because I wanted to use larger needles and for it to be a quicker knit I held the yarn double.

And one more picture with the hood (I guess it kinda is a hood….) down:

That’s it for now.  I am finishing a scarf, hope to be done with it tonight and I’m hoping to have the time to start that sweater I mentioned before……I would love to get it done before Christmas and wrap it up………know just who to give it to…..:)

Knit Away!

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  1. December 7, 2013 2:41 am

    I love that green colour of the cowl! And I’m completely with you on the layers, hot chocolate and coziness but I don’t get that excited about Christmas. Bah humbug.

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